A Kick in the right direction

Sometimes all we need is a kick in the right direction.

I have it over the past few weeks trying been trying to re-claim the disaster that is my life. I have been improving my diet, starting to exercise and I’ve been to the doctor to try and get a grip of my health issues. Also in the last few days I have been undergoing a secret mission to formalise some training yet to be disclosed.

However this morning with the country in full comic relief swing I got the final kick I needed. Sometimes all you need to realise that your world is really not that bad. That somewhere out there are people in a worse position. With that this morning I’m feeling a little shamed faced for being a miserable cow when the reality is I have nothing to complain about, I have a husband and children that love me. I have a house a job and I’m warm and fed and not everyone in the world that say that. So with my donation to comic relief made, I’m feeling focused and determined to get myself sorted out. Continue reading