Slight Re-evaluation at the end of the week

This week has been abit of a bad week i haven’t been nearly as organised as i need to be to make this work. On the upside TOM bloat finally subsided and allowed be to have a real weigh in, which saw me down to 123.4lb. Not bad progress really just over a 1lb a week.

Heres the weekly score’s on the doors.

Date Quota + Exercise Total Consumed Daily Difference Difference for Week
Sat 16/02/13 1440 363 1803 1428 -375 -375
Sun 17/02/13 1440 96 1536 1698 162 -213
Mon 18/02/13 1440 64 1504 1233 -271 -484
Tue 19/02/13 1440 64 1504 1269 -235 -718
Wed 20/02/13 1440 127 1567 1595 28 -690
Thu 21/02/13 1440 64 1504 1135 -368 -1058
Fri 22/02/13 1437 64 1501 1498 -2 -1061


Unfortunately i did miss one of my planned weight training routine on friday, i did intend to do it which was why my cal’s are out. I ate all day as if the workout was going to go ahead but in the end my husband opted for a romantic night in. I don’t really mind that i missed the workout, i was able to curb the cal’s during my last meal so i didn’t go over and it’s such a rare thing me and my husband get a night in together without the kids i was well worth the treat.

Now the score’s on the door’s have made me re-evaluate the plan a little this week, it has also made me remember some stuff from days gone by.  I have always found that the reality is that i sit somewhere between 2 activity level’s on WLR. Which means that if i stick rigidly to Moderately sedatory maintenance and only count ‘true’ exercise i actually lose weight.  I sort of remembered that when i decided that i would count my daily 10 minute walk to and from the car park at work.  However even doing that, while on 1/2lb a week loss i appear to be losing more than 1/2 a week.  Now a chunk of this is because im not eating all my cal’s as you can see from above i have over 1000 cal’s left over from last week.  Which is half the problem…. well to be fair more than half.

To be fair this isn’t really what i want on a re-comp diet, i know it’s in my head. Old habits die hard and when you spend as long as i did playing a game where you tried to make your numbers as green as possible. You keep the mentality of less is more.

In addition to this yesterday i had a heart to heart with my husband. My husband has seen me at various states of crazy so i know he’s an opinion i can trust. When i set up my plan i didn’t really talk to him, but i know he’s been worrying about it a little. He cares and doesn’t want me to take it too far so his opinion counts.

The upshot of that conversation is that he wants me to be happy, but he thinks my goal of 115lb is bad news.   We talked about be gaining muscle and He thinks i was too skinny at 115lb last time and last time i had alot more muscle than i have right now.  The upshot of this he agree’s with my plan to re-comp, as he thinks i need the extra muscle however he doesn’t think i need to lose much more weight as going down below 118lb he feel’s will leave my looking skinny.

We had a good old talk and i have to admit perhaps i need to re-focus my focus.

So this week I have changed my Calorie allowance to maintenance. I am going to still allow myself to come in slightly under but i am going to work harder to hit my target numbers but most importantly deficit cal’s may ONLY come from exercise!!!!  This is a real biggy!   I am hoping to still shed a couple of pounds but the scales are no longer the focus, im going to break out the tape measure instead.

Creating a deficit with only exercise cal’s is going to be really hard, mentally i find it tough. As I’ve said before i get into a mindset of how many cal’s can i shave off my daily allowance.  This is going to take some careful planning to make sure i eat everything daily.

Other topic’s … blood tests came back and the Doctor’s surgery rang me to say they needed to see me to discuss.  This is not a huge surprise, I know my hormone level’s are out of whack so I suppose I should be more worried if they hadn’t asked to see me. That appointment is on Wednesday I’ll let you know how it goes.




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